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Super Bowl XLIII Most Watched Game Ever

0 minute read | February 2009

Final results released by The Nielsen Company show that the Super Bowl matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals was the most watched Super Bowl ever, eclipsing last year’s thriller between New York and New England. The broadcast, which featured a halftime performance by Bruce Springsteen, had an average viewership of 98.7 million viewers.



1 2009 Pittsburgh Arizona 98,732,000
2 2008 New York New England 97,448,000
3 1996 Dallas Pittsburgh 94,080,000
4 2007 Indianapolis Chicago 93,184,000
5 1986 Chicago New England 92,570,000
6 1993 Dallas Buffalo 90,990,000
7 2006 Pittsburgh Seattle 90,745,000
8 1998 Denver Green Bay 90,000,000
9 1994 Dallas Buffalo 90,000,000
10 2004 New England Carolina 89,795,000
Source: 2009 The Nielsen Company

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