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  • The 2022 ROI Report

    If driving media ROI is your job, this report helps you do it better. We reveal what drives returns, how to measure them and how to improve on the metrics you already have.

  • Seeking authenticity

    This report looks at how LGBTQ+ adults in nine countries perceive inclusion on various media platforms and advertising, LGBTQ+ visibility in media and how to improve inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in advertising and content.

  • ストリーミングの現状


  • Confronting myth and marginalization

    This year’s Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Diverse Intelligence Series report explores if we have made progress when it comes to Asian representation in media.

  • Building better connections

    Brands that can harness data to dial in the right combination of influencer, platform, content and interest can create connections that drive engagement—and ROI.

  • Podcasting Today

    The strength of the podcast industry spans well beyond offering audiences a growing bevy of titles—especially for advertisers. That’s because podcast audiences are shedding their COVID-induced spending inhibitions.

  • 2022 Retail Barometer

    It’s been two years since Australia imposed some of the world’s strictest COVID-19 restrictions. Thankfully, the rise in vaccines has resulted in many consumers largely resuming many of their traditional routines – in-store shopping, visiting entertainment venues, attending live sports, and travelling.