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  • The Database: The New Work-Life-Media Balance

    This special episode of the Database delves into the new reality that many Americans are facing in light of COVID-19: spending more time at home, including the time we spend working. We explore the effects on our daily routines and getting everything done, as well as how it’s shaping our media consumption.

  • The Database: A Conversation with Women in Technology

    On this special episode of the Database podcast, recorded at CES, Marie Lalleman, Executive Vice President, Global Client Solutions at Nielsen, and Tina Daniels, Agency Sales Director, Google, share how they’ve navigated gender inequality in their own careers and how they’re helping to pave the way for other women.

  • The Database: How Mixed Realities Will Enhance the Video Game Landscape

    On this special episode, recorded at CES, Stephanie Llamas, Head of Research and XR at SuperData, a Nielsen company, and Vinay Narayan, Vice President of Platform Strategy and Developer Community at HTC Vive talk about the impact that XR will have on the gaming industry.

  • The Database: A Step Toward Widespread Addressable Ads on Linear TV

    On this special episode, recorded at CES, Kelly Abcarian, General Manager for Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising Group, and Dan Callahan, SVP of Data Strategy and Innovation at FOX, talk about what the beta release of Nielsen’s Addressable TV platform means for the industry, as well as what addressable advertising in the linear TV realm will look like.

  • The Database: Who’s Buying Your Brand and How to Grow It

    With a massive 42% of global consumers actively on the hunt for new and different, there’s never been a more important time to look at your brand targeting strategies—things like acquisition and retention—and have clear insight into the implications of those strategies. And that’s what this episode focuses on, and we’re going to leverage data and findings from more than three years’ worth of retail data to do it.

  • The Database: How Digital is Evolving Video Content

    Regardless of how you define TV, there’s no mistaking the impact that advancing technology, internet connectivity, mobility, device fragmentation and platform diversity have had on the video industry. The result? A seemingly endless array of content that offers enough variety for even the pickiest of viewers.

  • The Database: Innovating for Today's Onmichannel Shoppers

    This episode dives into how manufacturers and retailers can innovate new products that meet consumers’ needs in today's increasingly digital retail landscape, as well as how Asian American consumers are leaning heavily into digital in their consumer journey and helping to drive shifts across other consumer segments.