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  • Diverse Media Owner Resources

    With the market for diverse-owned ad time hotter than ever, how can diverse media owners increase their visibility with advertisers and agencies?

  • CTV and Streaming Glossary

    This glossary aggregates many of the terms and acronyms pertaining to connected TV and streaming to provide clarity amid a quickly evolving and important space in the broader media industry.

  • 4 Ways Modern Marketers are Using Attribution to Drive More ROI

    The media landscape is more complex than ever due to the explosion of different platforms, data sources and privacy regulations. These shifts make marketing measurement even harder for advertisers. So, how do you grow your revenue in the current climate?

  • The Importance of Incremental Lift

    See why measuring incremental lift helps you make a direct connection between your advertising efforts and actual sales and prove the value of your marketing.

  • How Marketing Analytics Drives Decision Making in Health Care

    Health care organizations of all types are at the forefront of this new era. Big data is creating enormous opportunities not only to improve patient outcomes and manage costs, but also advance marketing efforts. Organizations that can combine data, analytics and strategy will be able to implement processes that change the way they operate, for the better.

  • Top 10 Questions to Ask Martech Vendors

    Choosing the right tool is challenging. There are typically multiple vendors for each type of solution, and the process of getting quotes and comparing features and functionality can be lengthy.