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4 Ways Modern Marketers are Using Attribution to Drive More ROI

3 minute read | February 2021

Marketers have entered an age of uncertainty, facing more roadblocks to measurement than ever before. The media landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with the explosion of different channels and data sources posing measurement challenges.

In parallel, data privacy and security have become top of mind for consumers, ad tech companies and governments over the past few years. With new policies around consumer data protection and privacy, fewer common advertising identifiers like third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs will be available to marketers.

These shifts make marketing measurement harder. So, how can marketers adapt and drive more ROI in today’s climate?

Marketers with first-party outcomes data that partner with Nielsen focus on these four important areas when evaluating marketing to drive ROI—today and tomorrow.

1. Measure with Maximum Precision

In the age of addressable advertising, you should use precise, privacy-centric person-level data to identify and invest in top-performing campaigns to maximize your ad spend instead of using aggregate-level data. Importantly, the absence of cookies does not leave marketers without access to high-quality person-level data. In fact, this type of data will be critical for marketers looking to develop more personalized experiences for actual consumers.

Campaign Precision

By leveraging person-level data instead of aggregate data, Nielsen studies found you can expect 5% more revenue from your digital investment.

2. Identify Actionable Granular Insights

It’s important to model and optimize based on the actual level you buy media at (e.g., down to the keyword) to ultimately plan and buy media that generates better results.

Campaign Hierarchy

Nielsen discovered that optimizing campaigns at a granular level instead of at a broader level can lead to a 6x increase in new customer acquisition.

3. Improve Your Marketing Agility

React quickly to external changes using data updated as often as daily to optimize your campaigns in-flight and realize results faster.

Campaign Speed

Rather than relying only on outdated data post-campaign for your next campaign planning, Nielsen realized you can increase your revenue by 16% by continuously optimizing campaigns in-flight.

4. Deploy Automated Optimization

Optimize your budget allocations with automated feeds that push directly into your media buying platform—as frequently as daily—to accelerate growth.

Automated Campaign Optimization

Nielsen’s research found automated feeds that can send optimized allocations directly to your media buying platform daily can drive 20% improvement in ROI by enabling more conversions for the same spend.

Take Action

With the ingredients for success above, you can quickly react to the rapidly changing environment to optimize your campaign performance and ultimately increase your ROI with Nielsen Attribution.

Source: Internal Nielsen Attribution Research

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