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The Rise of Multi-SIM users: Customers shifting to dual SIM phones to have effective control over costs

1 minute read | June 2012

By: Farshad Family, Managing Director-Media, Nielsen India

A new study by Nielsen into the usage and popularity of dual SIM handsets and multi-SIM cards has thrown up some interesting facts. The survey reveals that 71 million subscribers use Multiple SIM cards across India. Moreover, among 14 percent of Multi-SIM card users who plan to buy a new handset, 75 percent intend to choose a dual SIM card handset. 

The study found that overall, 13 percent of unique active mobile subscribers (those who made a call/recharged SIM at least once in last 90 days) use Multiple SIM cards. The reach peaks in towns with a population of five to ten lakh, where 21 percent of the populace use multi-SIMs. The corresponding figure in a town class with 40 lakh plus population is just 11 percent.

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