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Paralympics and Para-Sports

1 minute read | September 2016

Over the past decade or so the Paralympic Games has established itself as a major sporting event in its own right. Each edition delivers hundreds of compelling stories created by thousands of athletes in front of millions of viewers.

This Nielsen Sports report examines the rising interest in the Paralympics, its growing status as a media product and how the games already works for partners. It also highlights the opportunity it provides to change attitudes – and, critically, what that might mean for current and future para-sports sponsors.

The London 2012 Games

By almost any measure, London 2012 has been the most successful edition to date, building on the successful summer games in Beijing four years earlier: more viewers, more recognition for athletes and more interest in para-sports. That also stimulated new commercial opportunities for brands at either a global or national level, a chance to associate themselves with great athletes, growing profiles, and events that are growing in stature.

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