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Winning in the influencer era

1 minute read | October 2021

The growth of social influencers is only set to continue. And now, with the ability to link social influencers’ activities directly to consumer spending habits, brands are beginning to rethink how they spend their marketing budget to reach specific audiences. 

At TikTok’s recent The Stage event, Steven Lindsay, Executive Director, Head of Digital Measurement Asia Pacific, and Nicholas Bruce, VP and Head of Consulting & Research for Asia, hosted a session to discuss how influencer marketing can help brands drive content distribution, reach, engagement, media value and unlock new revenue streams in the APAC region.

Tune into the on-demand session below to hear more about the following key takeaways: 

  • Digital has come out of the pandemic strongly—social, search and video are all key growth drivers during the recovery period.
  • Understanding the influencer landscape is vital to a successful campaign. 
  • Know your KPIs and measure them effectively as part of your overall marketing investment.

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