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The Next Evolution of Digital Audience Measurement

1 minute read | Sarah Miller, SVP Product Management, International Media, Nielsen | February 2022

The digital environment evolves quickly, so must our measurement solutions

Measuring ad campaign audiences is key for all marketers to better understand their ROI, but the rapid evolution of the digital ecosystem and the industry’s changes in reaction to evolving consumer privacy regulations persistently pose new challenges for measurement. Nielsen is proudly leading the industry with an evolution of our digital measurement. 

At the heart of the solution is a large centralised identity system powered by more than 2 billion device identifiers across the world, constantly being refreshed. This big data is at the heart of assigning the demographic information for consumers who have viewed an ad online.

With the explosion of connected devices and multi-device usage among people, measuring de-duplicated audience reach and frequency across devices and publisher platforms is essential. Leveraging Nielsen’s panel assets as well as advanced data science intelligence, marketers can confidently optimise where to target and reach real humans with their ad campaigns. 

The evolution of digital measurement is here. First and third-party big data assets, calibrated with high quality measured panels and empowered by sophisticated data science is the revolution the industry has been waiting for. Furthermore, it is the catalyst behind Nielsen One – true cross platform measurement across all screens.  Learn more about Nielsen One.

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