CTV Strategies

What media buyers need to know in 2024

As the media industry races towards complete digitization, CTV stands out as a prominent channel marked by untapped potential.

Between the rising usage of CTV as digital identifiers disappear and its ability to offer advertisers personalized and measurable ways to reach audiences, it will be one of the best advertising vehicles for reaching consumers at every rung of the marketing funnel. 

Moderated by Ashwini Karandikar, EVP, Data, Tech and Media from 4A’s, join Ameneh Atai, General Manager, Digital & Advanced TV and Tanner Goranson, VP, Client Strategy, Nielsen ONE as they discuss CTV trends, the need for understanding advanced audiences, and how advertisers need to strategize their objectives and approach for both TV and CTV.

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Overcoming CTV’s measurement and attribution challenges

Balancing quality and scale with CTV inventory

Capitalizing on the converging media landscape  


Weekly reach of CTV devices is growing at an average rate of 8% YoY across virtually every segment.

(Source: Nielsen’s 2024 Upfronts/NewFronts Guide)


CTV ad spend is projected to grow to $43.5B by 2026, more than double spend in 2022. (source: Insider Intelligence)

(Source: Insider Intelligence)


Of global marketers plan to increase their CTV spend in 2024 [Source: 2024 Nielsen global marketer survey]

(Source: 2024 Nielsen global marketer survey)