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Smartphone: The Emerging Gadget of Choice for the Urban Indian

1 minute read | August 2012

By: Prashant Singh, Managing Director – Nielsen Media, India

  • Twenty seven million smartphone users in Urban India
  • Smartphone users account for 9 percent of mobile users in Urban India
  • Highest incidence of smartphone users in 18-24 age group 

The era of the smartphone

From being a gadget of luxury and sophistication, smartphones have gone on to become a broad-based phenomenon in the Indian mobile phone market. 

The numbers speak for themselves. Today, there are more than 27 million smartphone users in Urban India, which constitutes 9 percent of all mobile users in Urban India. The numbers are higher in the large metros of four million plus population with one smartphone user among ten mobile users. Interestingly, even in smaller cities with a population of one lakh to 10 lakh, the figure stands at an impressive 6 percent. These are the findings of the study “Smartphone Incidence in Urban India”, conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights amongst over 10,000 respondents in towns with one lakh plus population.

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