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Nielsen and Roku Move Advertising Measurement Closer to Covering Total Audience

1 minute read | May 2015

On April 30, we announced that we’re teaming up with Roku, the popular streaming platform, to enable advertising measurement in the Roku platform via Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. We will be collecting data for Roku’s 10 million devices, which include their media players and TVs. This collaboration is an industry-first for over-the-top (OTT) devices, as it will allow marketers to buy video advertising on the Roku platform with the same audience guarantees that are available for traditional television.

“By working with Roku to measure live streaming and on-demand advertising on its platform, we can gain great insights into OTT viewing and expand the measurement and delivery of Total Audience campaign and content insights for all of our clients,” said Megan Clarken, our EVP of Global Watch Product Leadership.

About half of the 250 most-watched Roku channels are already delivering ads, but the ability to measure these ads has been lacking. With Digital Ad Ratings, advertisers on Roku will be able to effectively measure the success of their advertising campaigns and get insight about their viewers using Nielsen demographics.

This is an exciting move for Nielsen as these new capabilities will build on Nielsen’s goal of delivering Total Audience measurement of all content and advertising.