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Nielsen’s Integrated Insights Help Advertisers Score a Super Bowl Touchdown

1 minute read | January 2016

With the average Super Bowl ad in 2015 costing $4.5 million, it’s fair to say that the stakes are high for advertisers. Considering all of the hype on social media, the critique of the ads in the days after the game and the massive audience in one shot (more than 100 million viewers), it can be challenging for advertisers to know if they’re doing it right and getting the most return on their big investment?


Nielsen is well aware of the myriad factors involved with successful marketing in today’s media landscape, especially during the biggest football game of the year, which is why we’re introducing a new integrated report that can help advertisers get a comprehensive read on the performance of their Super Bowl ads. This 360 report combines data sets from our social media tracking, our TV Brand Effect panel and our online consumer panel to provide a wide set of integrated insights, including:

  • How a marketer’s paid and earned advertising affected their overall Super Bowl effectiveness
  • How well the ad connected with viewers and was remembered the following day
  • How social media and viewing activity leading up to the Super Bowl influenced ad performance
  • How viewer engagement with the Super Bowl game and its commercials influenced ad performance
  • How purchase consideration and other brand equity metrics shift as a result of airing in the Super Bowl

We’re excited to leverage our various measurement solutions to provide advertisers with a complete and integrated story about their Super Bowl ad performance. The ability to look at social media, online video, TV ad performance, and viewing behavior leading up to and during the Super Bowl allows us to provide a one-stop shop for advertisers in a way that no one else can.

For additional information, please contact Kristen Kumpf.