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Confronting What’s Next at Consumer 360 2018

2 minute read | June 2018


With devices in our hands practically 24/7, the media industry has unprecedented opportunities to reach and engage audiences today. We’re also in the midst of what has been heralded as a new golden age of media content.

“I love this industry,” said Megan Clarken, President, Watch, Nielsen, as she kicked off this year’s media-focused Consumer 360® conference this week in Washington, D.C. “We have the ability to shape the world. We raise awareness, we bring people from all over together, and we create joy.”

Yet at the same time, Megan acknowledged that the industry as a whole is facing challenges from seemingly every direction—and they’re coming faster than ever.

But challenges are important. Challenges drive business forward—so to act with confidence, brands and marketers need to bring them into focus. To plan for today and strategize for tomorrow, you need to redefine your challenges—and face them now. And this year’s conference explored how the media industry can identify the opportunities created from these challenges by confronting what’s next together.

“We’re focused on the alternative ways of looking at things,” said Megan, setting the tone for the sessions that followed. “We’re focused on the opportunities, because that’s what’s exciting.”

Throughout the event, engaging sessions provided valuable insights on the ways the industry can navigate advertising and business model shifts, analyze the latest ways consumers are shopping and discovering content, learn to power personalized experiences, explore the technologies that are transforming our industry and more.

Attendees also had exclusive access to our Product Expo. This product playground presented an opportunity to explore the latest tools for managing business performance and driving change across the media industry.

“Think about how you are engaging with this industry,” Megan implored the audience. “When you are engaged and see the fruits of your engagement that brings pride and that’s what we need.”