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If it’s a festival, if it’s a sport: the Hungarians act twice a year

3 minute read | May 2018

We listen to music every day; we watch sports on tv

Budapest, May 29, 2018 – A typical Hungarian music or art festival typically attends one or two festivals a year, is female, has a higher education degree, and has an average salary. More than two-thirds of the population are interested in official sporting events, mostly in the 30-49 age group, mostly men, and go live once or twice a year. There is also great interest in various food and drink festivals (66%), according to a representative survey of Nielsen Sports 2017 in Hungary in May 2017 related to sports and entertainment.

Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians visit festivals, concerts and sporting events on various topics every year: This is confirmed by the fact that about 70% of the respondents show a general interest in culture and sports.

Films are at the forefront of the order of preference for various cultural interests, and nine out of 10 Hungarians are particularly fond of films, regardless of age, gender or education. The trip was a silver medal, with the 16-29 age group showing the most enthusiasm. Museums are in a prominent position among the 50+ age group, especially among women. Interestingly, just over a third of those surveyed are interested in the world of celebrities, and the world of stars excites most of the women in their fifties with a high school diploma.

Nearly 60 percent of Hungarians listen to music on a daily basis, compared to 80 percent in Generation Y. Nearly half of the population attends a concert once or twice a year, but the proportion of people attending at least one live music event per month is also high (24%). The same goes for music festivals: almost half of the respondents go to one or two festivals a year, but about a third of Hungarians do not go to festivals at all.

In general, seven out of 10 people in Hungary are interested in sports, and one-fifth of them attend a formal sports event in person once or twice a year.

The hit list of interest in sports is led by swimming, two-thirds of Hungarians follow or specifically follow the events in the sport. In second place are water polo and handball, both of which show great interest. In football, in terms of interest, he pinched fourth place. The turn-of-the-millennium generation, especially men with a high school education, is most interested in football. According to Nielsen Sports, the most popular domestic team is Ferencváros, while most of the international teams support Real Madrid.

Almost half of the Hungarians watch live matches on television, a third of them also like to watch handball, while 3 out of 10 people go swimming.

“Television sports broadcasts are popular, but in line with global trends, Hungarians also have more activities while watching sports,” said Erik Vágyi, Nielsen’s sales director. “This fragmented attention means mostly that they are surfing the Internet, making phone calls, emailing, or‘ hanging out ’on social media at the same time as the broadcast. This provides an excellent opportunity for the event’s sponsorship partners to reach their target audience. ”

Most people find out about the various sporting events, players and matches on the internet and on television, but social media is also performing strongly, with four out of 10 getting useful information from here.

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