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Nielsen Media New Customer Service and Marketing Director Appointment

1 minute read | December 2018

Mehmet Fazıl Kanyılmaz has become the new Media Customer Services and Marketing Director of Nielsen, the world’s leading research company. Mehmet Fazıl Kanyılmaz, who worked as Media Customer Services and Marketing Manager at Nielsen, was appointed as Customer Services and Marketing Director after his high performance.

Mehmet Fazıl Kanyılmaz, who graduated from Doğuş University Faculty of Business Administration in 2005, started his media career in 2009 as an Executive Candidate (MT) at Turkuvaz Media Group. Kanyılmaz, who took part in the establishment of the Minika children’s channel, completed the Film Production at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Communication Management Master program at the University of Southern California (USC) within the scope of his education in the United States between 2011-2014.

After returning to Turkey, he started to work at ATV and served as Assistant Manager in the Research and Planning Unit of the channel. In 2017, she transferred to Nielsen as Media Customer Service and Marketing Manager. Here he managed products and activities in the fields of TV, Radio, Digital, Press, Outdoor and Cinema. Kanyılmaz, who is also the head of the Sports unit at Nielsen, will continue his career as Nielsen Media Customer Services and Marketing Director.