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Launch of new listener surveys in Norway

3 minute read | January 2019

Oslo, 4 January 2019 – The steering group for the Radio Survey in Norway and Nielsen Media Research are pleased to announce that the launch of the new listener survey, Total Electronic Audio Measurement (TEAM) went “live” as planned on 1 January 2019.

The new survey is carried out on behalf of NRK, Bauer Media and the P4 group, and includes measurement and reporting of all types of audio content from the clients’ stations, from live to time-shifted, both broadcast, digital and podcast. The measurement is independent of the distribution platform and equipment used for listening as well as the listening location. Norway has thus received one of the world’s most comprehensive measurements of listening.

The TEAM survey documents how many people listen to the various radio stations, who listens, and how long they listen. It is possible to distinguish between listening places, such as at home, outside and in holiday homes, as well as means of transport (the latter will be implemented during 2019).

The purpose of the survey is to provide a representative picture of the listening behavior of Norwegians living in private households. Data from the survey are suitable as a basis for both commercial and editorial analyzes, “says Ragnhild Herlofsen, commercial director of Nielsen Media Research.

“After the digitalisation of radio, listening in Norway is now more fragmented than before. With this as a starting point, we are pleased to be able to collaborate with Nielsen, which offers a measuring method designed for measuring listening in such a market,” says the leader of the steering group. Kristian Tolonen (head of analysis, NRK).

Listening via the media channels’ websites and applications is measured with a separate digital software (Software Development Kit), and will be reported to the clients as a supplement to the official listening figures.

Preliminary figures indicate that current radio listening is somewhat higher than previous measurements have shown. This is due to a combination of methodological improvements, primarily related to a technological further development of the measuring equipment.

Nielsen uses a so-called enhanced cBET technology, which ensures a more precise registration of listener cases than has been possible previously. The result is that several short listening cases are captured, as well as actual listening in acoustically challenging environments

“These methodological improvements mean that we will now succeed in picking up more real radio listening, which we are of course happy about,” says Kristian Tolonen.

Official figures for this year’s first radio week (including 7 days of time-shifted listening) will be published on 14 January, and will be made available on the following website:

We look forward to an exciting radio year with you!


Nielsen is the world’s leading provider of market research and has services in over 100 countries. Nielsen provides its customers with strategic insight and a basis for better decisions by analyzing market developments and contributing to an understanding of consumers’ attitudes and behavior.

Nielsen Media Research has been awarded the contract for the delivery of the official listening figures for audio in Norway from 1 January 2019. The clients for the survey are NRK, Bauer and the Nordic Entertainment Group (P4 group). Based on the channels’ common vision of the most future-oriented and platform-independent measurement possible, Nielsen will thereby become a supplier of one of the world’s most comprehensive measurements of audio.

Nielsen has globally more than 65 years of experience with radio measurements and holds over 100 patents on measurement technology, including Personal People Meter (PPM) technology that has been used to measure radio listening since 2005 in Norway.

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