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Nielsen Expands Parental Leave in the U.S.

1 minute read | October 2019


With so much involved with raising a family today, we’re excited to share that our U.S. employees now receive 12 weeks of paid parental leave when they bring home a new child. Additionally, mothers who give birth will receive eight weeks of paid disability leave. 

We’re proud to be a leader in pushing parity for our Nielsen parents. As anyone who’s brought a new child into their home will tell you, it’s not easy. From adjusting to becoming the parent of a newborn to fostering/adopting an older child, finding a new normal takes time, patience and love. 

Our people are at the heart of Nielsen’s success, and their welfare is our priority. We know that people feel and do their best when they’re supported in a way that enhances the rest of their lives and the communities they live in.

To that end, we’ve designed benefits to support our employees beyond the office—whether they’re becoming a new parent, attending to a health issue, volunteering in their communities or even taking a dream vacation. 

We’re continually reviewing and evolving our benefits to ensure they reflect what our current and prospective employees want most.