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Nielsen Offers Charities Pro Bono Marketing Campaign Data

3 minute read | September 2020

Charities have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the cancellation of fundraising events and the closure of charity shops, charity revenue is down significantly this year, and will likely remain depressed into 2021. Without donations, however, charities are ill-equipped to optimise their brand awareness and attract new donations and volunteers. 

Amid these challenging times, Nielsen offered hundreds of charities in Europe access to audience data from its Nielsen Marketing Cloud free of charge. Our audience targeting capabilities across Europe include thousands of audience segments, including demographic, FMCG, psychographic, interest, intent or lifestyle, Nielsen’s owned and operated data. This data enables marketers at charities to target the right audience across media channels including TV, display, video CTV, radio and print and attract much needed new donors to better address the needs of charities during this current health crisis.

“Many volunteers in the communities have already raised their hands to help,” said Francis Boode, Account Director Europe at Nielsen. “We want to support the society as much as we can. We contribute by supporting charities so they can reach the right audience during this unprecedented crisis.”Like Nielsen, many advertisers lent a helping hand to the community with their resources and expertise in the difficult times. Digital Angels collaborated with Nielsen during the first months of the pandemic. Together, we worked with Digital Angels to implement a customised Child Welfare audience strategy designed for an initiative ‘Fruits and Vegetables in Schools’ by ISMEA (Italian Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market). This campaign is a part of a wider digital full funnel strategy to reach a target of users interested in the wellbeing of children, the direct beneficiaries of the program. Digital Angels accessed Nielsen Marketing Cloud audience data, which provided a vast range of audience segments focusing on local market needs, ranging from demographic and psychographic traits to FMCG and TV/radio/print consumption in Italy. With our gold standard quality data, Digital Angels were able to better plan and tailor its messaging for specific audiences to effectively communicate ISMEA’S initiative and  improve engagement from operators and families.

In the first two weeks of campaign delivery, the Nielsen segments helped to reach the relevant audience at mass. Digital Angels were able to cut costs since web page viewing increased 233%  where the campaign video is displayed. By using a more targeted approach, 25% more of the campaigns videos were watched to completion, creating more awareness around the initiative. Reaching the right audience, this campaign resulted in an uplift of over 2,000 incremental and subscribing users on the ISMEA website in a short period of time.

“In this delicate moment of recovery from the pandemic experience, it is essential for us to be at the side of our customers, driven by principles of transparency, closeness and excellence, typical of Digital Angels,” said Maria Azzarello, Account Manager, Digital Angels. “Thanks to the consolidated and effective collaboration with Nielsen, we have taken the opportunity to join the Charity Offer initiative, which allowed us to freely use the Nielsen expertise of segmentation and targeting for the programmatic ISMEA campaigns. We are happy that the partnership with Nielsen has allowed us to offer added value to our client’s digital campaigns and to support the laudable cause of the Fruit and Vegetables in school program.”