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Streaming Takes Center Stage in Germany as Traditional TV Viewership Declines

4 minute read | June 2024

Cologne, Germany June 3, 2024 Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data, and analytics, has released a major study on media consumption in Germany. The wide ranging report looks at the current trends in usage habits across video, TV and audio, as well as social media platforms, trust in advertising and trust in news reporting.

The report reveals a significant shift in German viewing habits with the use of streaming services being higher than linear TV for the first time. The study shows that 77% of Germans use video streaming services weekly, a rise of 7% points year-on-year and 13% over the last three years, meaning they have a higher usage rate than linear TV channels, and streaming is now the preferred way to consume content.

The report uncovers that users of streaming services are predominantly younger, with 92% of 18-34 year olds using these weekly. However, the biggest yearly growth has come in the 35-54 year age group which has seen a significant rise of 10% points to 83%. Whilst the 55-69 year old age group remains the lowest users, as expected, this demographic has seen an 8% points increase year-on-year.

The report highlights the growing popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, particularly among younger demographics. Other key takeaways include from the Media Use Study include:

  • Leaders emerge: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video reign supreme, with 56% of respondents accessing each platform weekly – a 6% rise for Amazon Prime Video, and a 4% rise for Netflix. Disney+ remains static at 29%. Indeed there is a -4% decline in households not having a streaming subscription.
  • Netflix winning new usage: Netflix tops the new usage charts for 2024 with 18% of respondents saying they have started using or subscribed to the service this year. Amazon Prime Video was at 16%, with Disney at 11%. 
  • Traditional TV falters: Daily viewership of public broadcasters ARD and ZDF has dropped to 39%, with weekly viewership at 73%, indicating a decline in linear television’s dominance.
  • Connected TV (CTV) is here to stay: Over three quarters (76%) of those surveyed are aware of, or have used, CTV with over a third (35%) saying they either use it every day or at least three times a week. 61% of users access CTV services from a Smart TV with 29% using a streaming stick to do so.
  • Fake news worries: Almost three quarters of respondents (74%) have definite concerns about fake news, with 41% expressing big worries about it, a rise of 5% year-on-year. 69% of those surveyed highlighted social media platforms as the least trusted medium when it comes to fake news, with radio being the most trusted with just 23% worried, an annual decline of -3%.
  • Instagram increases: Whilst over three quarters (76%) of those surveyed use WhatsApp every day, Instagram has moved ahead of Facebook for the first time with 36% citing that they use the platform at least daily. Facebook comes in third with 35% using it daily, YouTube in fourth with 33% and TikTok in fifth with 18%.

Fernando Reimann, EMEA Thought Leadership & Innovation Lead, said. “This is a fascinating study, uncovering the changing viewing habits and content consumption of the German population. The findings really showcase the shift in how Germans are consuming media as we look to better understand what people want and the current trends around media and advertising. It is quite clear; streaming services are no longer a novelty, but they are the primary platform for video entertainment, are starting to dominate the media landscape, and are definitely here to stay.” 

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