Distribution Dynamics


Identify content that is the most engaging with audiences

Assessing audience engagement requires a variety of metrics. Whether they’re watching content on streaming platforms or broadcast TV,  Gracenote Distribution Dynamics provides a comprehensive overview of how viewers are consuming your content.

Gracenote Distribution Dynamics, part of Gracenote’s Content Analytics suite of offerings, provides insights on how audiences engage with specific content. Content creators and distributors can identify which content is most engaging with viewers with innovative metrics like Bingeability and Loyalty. Enable a nuanced understanding of how audiences are reacting to successful content to inform content investment and licensing decisions.

Gracenote Distribution Dynamics measures three key characteristics:

  • Bingeability: the average number of episodes watched per day.
  • Loyalty: the likelihood of viewers sticking with a program using time spent watching relative to other content.
  • Program similarity: identifies related content based on thematic characteristics, viewing audiences and historical performance.


Measure your content using the metrics that count


Uncover sticky shows that drive viewing session duration.


Identify compelling content that drives number of viewing sessions.

Program Similarity

Highlight comparable content that drives audience interest.

Use cases

Detailed distribution data for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad platforms

Content creators

Discover what makes audiences engage–and what makes them loyal to their favorite content.

Answer critical questions like:

• Which content are viewers binging?
• What kind of content should I create to be a hit with specific audiences?
• What other content is similar to hit content based on themes, audiences and performance?

Content distributors

Optimize slate management by understanding content suitability for specific goals, while promoting content that resonates with certain audiences.

Answer critical questions like:

• What types of content are sticky with my audience?
• How can specific content help maximize viewership?
• Which content is better suited for viewer retention versus acquisition?

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