Video Game Tracking


Measure the mindshare of gamers

One constant in the gaming industry is the steady flow of new products and compelling storylines. With so many games out there, you need answers about how gamers are playing, which platforms are trending, what gamers are buying and how they’re consuming other forms of entertainment.

Nielsen Video Game Tracking provides exclusive market research and consumer insights across physical and digital platforms, devices, and hardware. With comprehensive metrics including awareness and resonance over time, our solution provides proprietary ratings to help you understand gamer preferences and demographics.

Uncover anticipation levels for current and upcoming releases with video game data refreshed and new titles added weekly. And with fully customizable game research and omnibus questions available, you can see why Nielsen is the gaming industry’s trusted source for video gamer tracking.


Hone your game’s game plan

Purchase intent

Understand intent and urgency for past and upcoming releases to inform your launch strategy.

Buyer personas

Gain insight into demographic information of owners and consumers to build your buyer personas.

Competitive insights

Assess market appeal, compare release performance and analyze normative benchmarks.

Global coverage

Tap into our global dataset covering all major video game markets.

Marketing performance

Determine if your marketing plan is resonating with your target audience over time.

Customized research

Fully customizable research and opportunities for omnibus survey questions available.


Unparalleled coverage for all of your video game tracking needs


Reliable and accurate measurement for video game tracking


Retrieve, customize and export all of your important data quickly through an easy-to-use web application.

Comprehensive insights

Uncover market appeal and competitive dynamics by gameplay behavior, demographics and more.

Historical data

Make comparisons against current and upcoming games with a database of thousands of historical titles.

Customizable surveys

Get answers specific to your game by adding questions to your surveys on a weekly basis.

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