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Hispanic representation

Representation matters

The undeniable impact of U.S. Hispanics is evident in the shifting flavor of American entertainment culture. The Hispanic community now represents 19% of the U.S. population, up 23% over the past decade, outpacing the nation’s overall population growth of 7%. With a buying power of $2.7 trillion, if U.S. Latinos were a standalone economy, they would be the seventh-largest GDP in the world—ahead of Italy, Brazil, and Canada.

Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series

Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series offers insights and trends that focus solely on diverse audiences’  unique media habits, demand for inclusive content and campaigns, and perceptions of today’s media landscape. The series has become an industry resource to help brands better understand and reach diverse customers. Check out the highlights from our more recent Hispanic report, Latino-led content and viewers: The building blocks for streaming success, and discover how the U.S. Hispanic population is becoming more diverse and intersectional than ever. The Hispanic community consumes media differently, and when it comes to inclusion and representation, has different expectations of content creators, media platforms, brands and advertisers.

Latino-led content and viewers: The building blocks for streaming success

In addition to highlighting the voracious streaming appetites of Hispanic audiences, this report provides the findings from a first-of-its-kind analysis that showcase the impact of representation in media, both on camera and behind it.

Past Hispanic reports

Inclusion, Information and Intersection

Racial and ethnic diversity within our country’s demography continues to increase. Between 2010 and 2020, the share of the non-Hispanic white population fell from 64% to 58%, the lowest on record, bringing America closer to a national multicultural majority. Today, America’s identity includes more cultures and voices than at any time in our history, and Latinos are leading the way. 

Cultural connectivity transformed: How Latinos are connecting while social distancing

As COVID-19 took hold in 2020, the subsequent social distancing measures, quarantines and shutdowns threatened the ability for Latinos to engage in face-to-face connections. The insights in this report will help you understand ways to continue building trust with the Hispanic community during these uncertain times and through the journey to recovery.

La oportunidad Latinx: Cultural currency and the consumer journey

To create personalized, culturally relevant shopping experiences on their own terms. These consumers’ paths-to-purchase, or consumer journeys, are social and circular. And, because Latinx consumers are so digitally connected—97% of Latinx households own a smartphone, and Latinx consumers spend over 27 weekly hours using apps and the web on smartphones—the consumer journey plays out in real-time.

About the Hispanic community

  • Buying power
  • Young and Intersectional
  • Percentage of time spent with TV
  • Hispanic viewers more likely to buy from inclusive brands

La union hace la fuerza: Nielsen joins the Latinx community to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

While Americans observe Hispanic Heritage Month between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, Nielsen actively supports Hispanic causes and organizations year-round. This support is closely aligned with our core business values and is near-and-dear to our Latinx associates, who hail from countries around the world.

How we reach out

Our thought leaders regularly speak at events and meetings to share our insights. Please email them to learn more or follow our social channels for upcoming appearances.

Stacie De Armas

SVP, Diverse Insights & Initiatives

Charlene Polite Corley

VP, Diverse Insights & Initiatives

Patricia Ratulangi

VP, Communications – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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