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First Quarter Global Advertising Up 4% From 2007

1 minute read | July 2008

Despite mounting economic pressures, first quarter global advertising spending was up 4% from the same time period last year, according to Nielsen.

Ad spending in Africa grew by over 16%, while the Asia Pacific region recorded almost 10% growth during Q1 2008.  In North America and Europe, growth was considerably slower — North America’s ad spending figures climbed by just 1%, while spending in Europe remained flat (-0.4%).

Healthcare retained the majority share of ad spending, with just over 10% of all advertising activity during the first quarter of the year.  Advertising for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (+6.7%) and the Clothing and Accessories sector (+5.5%) also grew at a significant rate.

Television remained the highest-grossing medium for advertising spend, recording a 6.9% yearly growth rate globally and growth in every region. Television currently accounts for 60% of global ad spend. Newspapers, representing almost 24% of spend, remained flat (+0.4%) and Magazines (12% share) showed a slight decline in ad spending globally (-0.9%).

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