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Shopping Lists: How Mobile Helps Consumers Tick All The Boxes

1 minute read | February 2014

Mobile shopping is gaining momentum among U.S. consumers, as more than four in five (87%) smartphone and tablet owners say they use these devices for shopping activities, up 8 percentage points from 2012. With smartphones already in almost two-thirds of American’s hands and tablets continuing to expand in popularity, Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report looks at how consumers are using mobile devices throughout their purchase journey.

Consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to research potential purchases and compare prices on goods and services: 65 percent of tablet shoppers search for product information and 66 percent of smartphone shoppers check prices while in retail showrooms. But it’s not only for research: 40 percent of tablet shoppers say they buy directly on their devices from the comfort of their homes. Nearly half of smartphone owners say they use shopping lists on their devices, and 49 percent say they’ve used mobile coupons via smartphones.

Locating a store is the most likely activity among smartphone shoppers (76%), and reading reviews of recent/future purchases is the most common shopping activity among tablet owners (55%). After they make purchases, many mobile shoppers write reviews (23% of tablet shoppers) and comment on their purchases using social media (26% of smartphone shoppers). As more consumers take advantage of the convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping via their mobile devices, there’s a significant opportunity for retailers and brands to engage with them during their full path-to-purchase.

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