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Case Study: Validating Data Quality in DMPs

1 minute read | October 2017

By using Digital Ad Ratings, Netsprint was able to measure exactly who they were reaching and validate the quality of their demographic data. Out of the 11 campaigns, all but two achieved on-target rates that either met or outperformed the European benchmark. Audience segments from eight of the 11 campaigns consistently achieved on-target rates that were twice as high (or more) than the benchmark.

Digital Ad Ratings delivers reach reporting overnight so marketers can see performance daily. This allowed Netsprint to identify a campaign that was performing particularly poorly. Netsprint was able to work with the data provider to uncover why – a technical error – and correct performance, all while the campaign was still running.

Netsprint is the first data management platform in the Polish market to go the extra step of getting third-party verification of their audience segments, and plans to run this test on other data providers at least once a quarter.

Netsprint also plans to use Digital Ad Ratings to check the accuracy of their predictive algorithms, and to identify the best working algorithm to go into their system.

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