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The Database: Getting Into the Game with Sports Marketing

2 minute read | November 2018

Episode 18

Around the world, sports are a favorite form of entertainment. For some fans, that means tracking every statistic and player nuance across an entire season, while others just enjoy the comradery of cheering on the same athlete or team.

For the athletes, teams, sponsors, rights holders and others, sports are also big business. And that business is changing. Many fans still prefer to catch games, matches or sets live—whether at a stadium or arena or on TV. However, digital is revolutionizing how brands, rights holders and even the teams and athletes interact with the fans.

As a result, sponsorships are also evolving. Brands are moving beyond just putting a logo inside a stadium or on a team uniform and increasingly are seeking out partnerships that create meaningful connections with fans.

But with so many players involved, navigating this complex landscape can be challenging. Brands and rights holders need to identify their marketing goals and find the sports, teams and athletes that best fit them

This episode of The Database explores the ins and outs of sports marketing. With digital devices increasing fans’ access to their favorite sports, as well as new ones, the opportunities for brands and rights holders are growing—provided they can engage today’s fans.

Our Nielsen guests on this episode include Jon Stainer, Managing Director, Sports – Americas; Max Barnett, Global Head of Digital, Sports; and Kathy Lubner, VP, Research, Sports.

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