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Webinar: Changing Consumer Prosperity

2 minute read | February 2019

Discover how Consumer Attitudes Toward Spending are Evolving and Where Opportunities Lie to Win Their Wallets

The overall financial well-being of consumers has improved globally, as many consumers feel they are better off today than they were five years ago. This improved optimism reflects significant changes in the overall economic and income levels of consumers across many countries due to an array of varying circumstances.

There are four parts to this webinar, which gave us the opportunity to explore the regions where consumers have experienced the biggest improvement in their financial situations since 2016. We also discuss consumers’ changing spending behavior on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories over the past five years. The webinar highlights changing consumer trends in various regions and across countries, especially in terms of consumer spends on categories such as groceries, tech communication, education, travel and health care.

As consumers have grown more financially optimistic, the retail landscape is changing to meet evolving needs and desires. For example, perceptions of private label quality are improving, and. consumers are supporting expanded offerings in the premium price portfolio of retail brands. This webinar helps to understand the price fragmentation and changing consumer mindset about premium products. Further, it presents the key factors that influence a premium product trial and the growing popularity of online platforms to purchase premium products. Further, the webinar highlights the consumer mindset and intent toward paying a premium. These trends and insights will help brands, manufacturers and retailers develop multi-platform marketing communication along with retail strategies for premium products.

This page includes the playback for each of the four webinars we hosted on this topic. We have categorized the playbacks by region: Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

For additional insights, download our Changing Consumer Prosperity report.

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