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In Financial Services Marketing, Holistic Marketing is Critical to Long-Term Success

1 minute read | June 2021

When it comes to marketing, relationship building is a fundamental building block, especially when it comes to customer acquisition. In financial services, an abundance of brands have historically focused more on sales activation tactics than brand building, which makes it challenging to engage new customers. That’s not to say, however, that brands should forego sales-driven marketing efforts. Personalization, a trend we’re seeing across industries, plays a significant role in lower-funnel marketing efforts. But there is a risk in neglecting brand-building efforts, as they do enable higher-performing lower funnel activations. 

To better understand the interplay between upper- and lower-funnel marketing in financial services, we recently spoke with Nate Hutchins, VP, Financial Services and Health Care. In our discussion, Nate draws on his experience and research from our recent financial services marketing white paper to highlight the importance of holistic marketing, share an example of  effective personalization, and explain how measurement can help marketers properly allocate spending for different marketing initiatives.


For additional insight, download our Financial Services Marketing: Evolving Customer Relationships white paper.

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