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Engaging Asian American Consumers at The Dawn of a New Decade

1 minute read | May 2020

This report explores Asian American consumer behaviors that are setting the pace for two important industry trends: First, the media platforms that are winning among Asian Americans amid the streaming wars and the content that is capturing their attention. Second is the gaming industry that is breaking boundaries as entertainment, and how Asian Americans are integral to its ecosystem as gamers, spectators, and content creators.

As the streaming wars continue, the battle for audiences will only intensify. As early adopters of technology, Asian Americans are more digitally connected and trying new platforms and services, making them a valuable audience segment to content creators and distributors alike.

Asian influence is also particularly strong in the U.S. gaming industry, which is experiencing exponential growth as so many Americans are sheltered in place, hungry for sports and entertainment. The U.S. saw a 45% increase in time spent playing video games over a week in late March 2020 when most of the country was shut down. With uncertainty about spectator sports, esports presents an opportunity for sports leagues to engage with their fans, opening up new opportunities for advertising sponsors.

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