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Hope and Action: The Growing Influence of Asian Americans

2 minute read | May 2021

Open any news feed or article today and you’ll likely find a piece about racial injustice. Much of the news focuses on the injustices our Black communities in the U.S. continue to combat, but there has been a parallel narrative gaining visibility: ending the racially motivated hate crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. The onset of the pandemic and the many references to its origins in China sparked stories and public commentary blaming Chinese people and anyone who looked Asian for the lockdowns, the tense U.S.-China political relationship, America’s economic downturn and more. The issue spans well beyond rhetoric, as anti-Asian hate crimes spiked around the U.S.

Asian-American voices are growing louder and stronger, calling for an end to the hate and bringing hope for a more united future. The passing of the anti-Asian hate crimes bill, the powerful #washthehate movement and the exponential growth of Asian communities in new centers across the U.S. are signs of the growing influence and consumer power of Asian Americans. More than ever, AAPI consumers are demanding more from brands and businesses. Connecting with this group requires a different level of engagement that shows care about social justice and an understanding of the diversity within this community.

As part of the media industry, Nielsen took an in-depth look this year at how the industry can act to stop anti-Asian hate. Media has the power to shift perception and break stereotypes, and Nielsen has uncovered opportunities to do both—through how we advertise and the way Asians are represented on screen. This report showcases the growth and power of this community along with the key opportunities for action.

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