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Nielsen Announces Launch of Benchmark Media Optimizer

3 minute read | February 2017

Enabling Data-Driven Marketing Allocation Recommendations for Brands of All Sizes Through Industry-Leading Benchmark Insights

New York, NY – Feb. 7, 2017 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced today the launch of Benchmark Media Optimizer. This new solution is an intelligent media allocation tool that allows brands of all sizes to make informed, data-driven decisions, without the requirement of a custom marketing mix study.

Nielsen sits at the epicenter of being able to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across the entire process—reach, resonance and reaction. Powered by Nielsen’s robust benchmark insights, this new solution to help drive effective marketing mix strategies for brands or companies unable to execute a custom marketing mix study due to budget, time or data limitations, or for new brands that lack an advertising history.

Through Nielsen Benchmark Media Optimizer, marketing allocation decisions and media strategies can be simulated and optimized based on performance benchmarks of other similar brands. Nielsen’s benchmark database is built off of industry-leading custom marketing mix models which have shown to predict sales within 5%-7% of actual sales. Because of this, Nielsen Benchmark Media Optimizer offers reliable indices for predicting marketing effectiveness both quickly and cost-effectively.   

For the past 25 years, Nielsen has proven success in providing fact-based, insight-driven marketing ROI solutions. As a leader in marketing mix modeling, Nielsen has assessed the marketing impact across over 1,600 brands, spanning 40+ countries and across 30 categories. While Nielsen Benchmark Media Optimizer won’t deliver the breadth and depth of results as Nielsen’s marketing mix models, clients will have the ability to evaluate an expected range of ROIs to help guide marketing initiatives and objectives, and pick the marketing allocation expected to deliver the highest ROIs.

“Determining the optimal allocation of marketing dollars is a critical question for all marketers. No matter the size of the company, marketers are looking to make efficient investments to gain a competitive advantage,” said Tsvetan “T.” Tsvetkov, Senior Vice President of Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen. “Recognizing budget and resource limitations of many brands, we are thrilled to now be able to provide insights and everyday analytic tools to help drive an effective marketing mix strategy for brands of all sizes and all budgets.”

Nielsen’s Benchmark Marketing Optimization is available in the U.S., Canada and select global markets.

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