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Total Ad Ratings in Thailand: Nielsen launches service for ad rating measurement

3 minute read | November 2017

Innovative service offering non-repeat multiscreen ad audience measurement for Thailand.

Bangkok – [November, 08, 2017] – Nielsen announces the launch of the ad rating measurement service (Total Ad Ratings), including online and offline, which is a service measuring audiences for multi-screen ads in Thailand. For the first time, marketers and media owners in Thailand will be able to see ad ratings and overall ad viewership across all platforms including televisions, computers, mobile phones and tablets without re-counting.

“The reach of TV and online (digital) advertising is typically measured separately, making it difficult for marketers and media owners to understand or visualize their true audience. (Cross-platform audiences) of them, while media consumption continues to diversify. Our customers therefore have to use quality measurements from independent organizations. to help them adapt and reach their audience more accurately. Regardless of the platform of the audience viewing the advertising campaign, the Total Ad Ratings service helps our customers understand their viewing behaviors on televisions, computers, mobile phones and tablets. This will help them increase efficiency and ultimately increase the return on investment,” said Toni Petra, Head of International Watch, Nielsen.

Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings service measures reach, frequency, and Gross Rating Points (GRPs) for all audiences of an ad campaign. Both viewers on TV and on digital devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) By using the same currency of TV ratings and digital measurements, Total Ad Ratings can help marketers and Media owners can understand audience audiences for ad campaigns across all screens (TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones), or view audience data on separate screens.

This service allows marketers and media owners to better understand how TV and digital media should work together to achieve their goals and reach their audience most effectively.

Mr. Sin Petrarat, Managing Director of Media Nielsen Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar said, “Viewing through digital devices especially mobile – this can be seen as something that drives more advertising budgets in the online category. And, for the first time, we will be able to know what the incremental impact, or reach without repeat counting, is. Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings service standardizes and measures multiscreen ad campaigns. that is comparable between online and TV This will ultimately help product owners and agencies make better decisions and plan their advertising investments more effectively.”

Mr. Sin added, “Developing advertising campaigns today can be considered more complex. Therefore, planners and marketers need to understand their target audience well. And there must be a tool that can measure the audience who actually watch. (Contains both gender and audience age) from all screens It’s not just the measurement from the device alone. which Nielsen insists on developing further into total measurement Audience at last.”

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