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Nielsen Views: Understanding the Consumer’s View of New Technology

1 minute read | November 2018


Today, more than ever before, media companies need to understand what’s driving consumer behavior, their engagement with nascent technology and media consumption habits. Without these critical insights, media companies will face challenges trying to navigate a marketplace that is constantly evolving with new technology, devices and services.

At Nielsen, we believe in providing our clients and the industry with real insights and data that helps them make informed decisions based on true consumer behavior. In this installment of Nielsen Views, Thomas Johnson, Director of Strategy & Innovation for Nielsen Media Analytics, discusses how our newest consumer survey, the Nielsen MediaTech Trender, helps uncover how consumers perceive emerging technology, new devices and services. Data from the survey is used to develop quarterly reports that provide insights into the sentiment of U.S. consumers aged 13-and older around new technology. Areas of focus include kids technology usage, smart speakers and the evolution of TV viewing.