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Nielsen is Creating Value Through Trust and Transparency

4 minute read | May 2020

Today, we launched our third Nielsen Global Responsibility Report. This report serves as a comprehensive hub for information about our performance and progress on our long-term, ESG-focused (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives that drive continuous value for our business and stakeholders.

Despite the uncertainty that the global COVID-19 pandemic has created, Nielsen continues to double down on its commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability across all facets of its global business and operations. Stepping up for our employees, clients and communities is even more critical now than ever. In this report, we outline how ESG issues connect to our most critical business issues, such as how we harness the power of our data to make a positive impact, ensure diversity across our workforce and products and safeguard the privacy of our clients’ and associates’ data. 

We are proud to have been in business for nearly 100 years, persevering through the Great Depression, World War II, numerous recessions, and countless disruptions. Through it all—and in these challenging times—our people and values are the foundation through which we create new growth and opportunities for all our stakeholders.

Learn more about how our ESG strategy is rooted in our core values of integrity and transparency in these messages from David Kenny, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Diversity Officer, Nielsen, and David Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer, Nielsen Global Connect:

The truth matters.

For nearly a century, Nielsen has provided data and analytics based on scientific rigor and cutting-edge innovation, continually developing new ways to answer the most important questions facing the media, advertising, retail and fast-moving consumer goods industries. Since data powers Nielsen’s business, it must be of the highest quality: consistent, reliable and representative of all consumers and channels. The business of data creates responsibility—to protect the consumer, to protect the marketing ecosystem, and to manage it all with integrity and transparency.

The environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues covered in this Global Responsibility Report build on our foundation of integrity and transparency. Whether it’s our commitment to engaging and developing our employees, leading with diversity and inclusion across our workforce and approach to measurement, or leveraging our data and people to make a positive impact—we are committed as a company to delivering greater value for all of our stakeholders. This responsibility is shared by every member of our Nielsen team around the globe.

The truth matters most in times of change. As we navigate the changes that happen every day in our communities and industries, we are honored by the trust that our employees, communities, clients, investors and suppliers place in us. This trust underpins all that we do at Nielsen and ultimately enables us to serve as a market-moving provider of the truth across the industries we’re proud to support.

I am energized by the work our associates do every day in pursuit of the truth. And I am excited by the open horizon of opportunity, evolution and innovation for Nielsen, and all that we will build and create—together.

-David Kenny, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Diversity Officer, Nielsen

“I am proud of Nielsen’s legacy of harnessing the power of our data and insights to make a positive impact on our world. The work we do resonates with our clients, consumers, and most importantly, our associates—the heart and soul of Nielsen. There isn’t another organization in the world that can do what we do at our scale. I look forward to continuing to build on this incredible legacy, and I’m proud to lead Nielsen Global Connect into an exciting new chapter of growth and innovation.”

-David Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer, Nielsen Global Connect