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Have you met your match? Here’s how to ensure the perfect sporting partnership for your brand

2 minute read | May 2022

Auckland, 11 May 2022 –  Brands that operate a sports sponsorship, or are considering taking on a sponsorship, have many questions to consider. Prioritising assets, campaigns and ultimately, where and when to focus your brand’s sponsorship dollar, is an important decision all sponsors need to consider.

With the Super Rugby and ANZ Premiership 2022 seasons in full swing, Nielsen has examined sponsorship opportunities for teams by analysing Sports Fan behaviours in the Telecommunications and Insurance categories.

• Where should you be investing to reach your desired target audiences?• Which consumer segments should you be targeting for growth?• How do you refine your communication plan for known acquisition targets within the fan base?• Which specific product offerings should you activate through your partnership assets?• What are the key communication points for your target audiences?• How do you demonstrate real business returns against your partnership spend?

For 2degrees (one of NZ’s largest telcos) that decision was simple – hitch your wagon to one of New Zealand’s most loved and respected institutions – Super Rugby. In addition to their multiple assets, Super Rugby provides great leverage for the brands – it gives them numbers, affinity, and a loyal base, providing the brand resonates.

For instance Nielsen CMI data shows that nearly 32,000 2degrees broadband customers who are Super Rugby fans want a broadband upgrade. In fact, these 2degrees fans are 32% more likely to ramp up their home web connection speed in the next year, compared to the average Kiwi.

Not only do Super Rugby fans want faster internet speeds, they want new and better tech. 121,000 2degrees mobile customers who are Super Rugby fans also want to upgrade their mobile device or plan in the next 12 months. That’s 19% more likely than the NZ average to do so.

That’s a big opportunity for telcos with the right data.

But the sponsor/fan synergy isn’t confined to Super Rugby.

Take a look at the correlation between insurance providers and New Zealand’s most loved netball teams.

These fan insights highlight how brand fit works at a team level, demonstrating that it is crucial to match the right teams with the right brands. Not always an easy task, but with the right data, it takes out the guesswork. 

Ultimately, it means happy fans and even happier sponsors. 

When it comes to sponsorship, every brand’s objectives are different, but there are two common denominators: 

  1. The brand’s values must align with those of the team, and (more importantly) 
  2. It must be a partnership that positively resonates with that teams’ fans.

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