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Nielsen and TikTok collaborate to unlock global marketing insights

3 minute read | May 2022

Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics, has been selected to participate in TikTok’s Media Mix Modelling Program. TikTok’s program brings together leaders in media mix model marketing measurement to drive reporting consistency and quality for advertisers globally, allowing advertisers to gain more insights into the impact of marketing on the short-form video platform.

Nielsen and TikTok have worked together to provide valuable insights to advertisers in order to better understand how TikTok helps them drive audience outcomes. In fact, Nielsen’s recent marketing mix modeling (MMM) studies for TikTok across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East showed a consistent positive return on ad spend and offline sales efficiency for CPG advertisers on TikTok.

In addition, the Nielsen research unlocked other key insights that build upon expected marketing effectiveness principles for the platform:

  • More ad formats are better than a single format: Brands that used multiple ad formats simultaneously such as In-Feed Video ads, Branded Hashtag Challenges and Branded Effects, achieved 12% higher return on investment compared to brands that used only one ad format.
  • Longer campaigns can be better than shorter campaigns: Brands that executed campaigns for seven weeks or more, achieved 14% higher return on advertising spend than brands that ran shorter campaigns.
  • Early forecast simulations from these studies show that paid ad units such as ‘in-feed’ yield sustained incremental outcomes at incremental spends.

“TikTok is one of the fastest-growing media owners out there, so it’s a monumental step that advertisers now have the opportunity to seamlessly include the platform in their Nielsen MMM studies to measure the impact of their marketing,” said Dave Suwanski, Vice President of MMM Product at Nielsen. “With this collaboration, it’s more simple than ever for advertisers to evaluate the ROI of marketing on TikTok when analyzing their entire marketing mix.”

“We are thrilled to be furthering our measurement journey globally,” said Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok. “Joining forces with leaders across the measurement industry allows TikTok to understand advertiser needs through advanced modeling techniques. These techniques also uncover deeper insights into how companies are leveraging our platform to achieve their business goals. Our goal is to help clients reach their full potential with the TikTok community and maximize growth.”

As TikTok continues to grow its portfolio of measurement solutions, Nielsen can help TikTok build and scale its MMM data collection and ingestion process, helping advertisers across the globe uncover key insights to improve their advertising effectiveness.

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