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The Gauge Mexico evolves to offer insights from a more accurate streaming measurement

3 minute read | June 2024

Mexico June 18, 2024 Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics, announced the relaunch of The Gauge Mexico, which shows monthly information on television consumption broken down into four viewing categories: Broadcast, Pay TV, Streaming and Others. In 2021, Nielsen IBOPE implemented a laboratory panel made up of 200 homes with broadband Internet, distributed in the three main cities of the country: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, with the purpose of bringing new technology to Mexico and laying the foundations for streaming measurement in the country. Up to this moment, information from this panel  has been used to generate The Gauge Mexico report.

Aligned with the vision of converged TV measurement, a rollout of this new measurement technology has started in the official Nielsen IBOPE panel. As of today, we have installed a subsample of 450 representative households, and starting this month it will be used to generate The Gauge Mexico report. This change will provide initial estimates of consumption of the four viewing categories in TV homes in the 28 cities covered by the company’s audience measurement study and will be strengthened by completing a subsample of 900 homes in the third quarter of the year. The installation of this new measurement technology will continue until it is completed within the official panel in its entirety.

In this first update of The Gauge, we observe that the linear television audience represents 51.6% and the streaming represents 17.6% of the TV consumption in the 28 cities of study.

“The Gauge, together with the improvements in measurement provided by our company, brings relevant information that will accompany the evolution of the industry in Mexico. They offer a better understanding of the proportion of the audience that corresponds to each media type, through the best passive streaming measurement technology within the home -without using declarations from the panel individuals-” highlighted Andrés Cabrera, Nielsen Product Business Partner for Latin America.

“Accurately capturing cross-media consumer behavior continues to be our priority and a driver for our next implementations” Andrés concluded.

The Gauge México is available at

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About the Laboratory Panel vs the Streaming Transition Panel

Streaming Transition Measurement and Lab Panel reports are not comparable as they measure different populations: while the lab panel reports TV consumption in broadband households in the three main cities (Mexico City Metropolitan Area, GDL and MTY), the data from the subsamples in the Streaming Transition Measurement reports the consumption of all TV households in the 28 cities of the TAM coverage.

Lab PanelStreaming Transition Measurement
(450HH subsample)
200 HH – Selected from our Establishment Survey, with 4 control variables: SES, TV signal type, presence or absence of children and city, in the weighting variables we have the same adding gender and age.450 HH* – Probabilistically selected from the TAM panel through a stratified sampling among households with and without internet, based on the same control variables of the panel: SES, TV signal type, and presence or absence of children in the household
3 main MX cities (CDMX & Metropolitan Area, Guadalajara and Monterrey)28 cities
100% Households with broadband capacity.Internet penetration 80% (Aligned with Nielsen’s TAM official Panel and the Establishment Survey)
Represents 5.7M of HH and 19.6 M of peopleRepresents 18.2M of HH and 58.4M of people
*The subsample size will increase to 900HH during Q3’24.

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