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Scoring a Holiday Touchdown

1 minute read | November 2013

Marketers who can connect with sports fans have a captive audience. That’s because sports fans are connected and passionate when they’re engaged. And for sports like football, which compete with the holiday shopping season for attention, it’s crucial to deliver the right message in the right environment at the right time. Relevant and timely brand metrics are key – getting these only after the campaign ends, or not at all, will leave marketers sitting on the sidelines for another year.

A major consumer electronics manufacturer, however, found that disruptive advertising was the perfect way to increase purchase intent among avid football fans.

The consumer electronics manufacturer teamed up with GumGum, an in-image advertising platform, to promote their TVs to avid football fans – males 18-49 who watch football and researched TVs online. GumGum put together an in-image campaign to reach this key audience with animated and static ads overlaid on football images across its platform. Both sides wanted real-time brand lift metrics to prove in-image ads’ impact on purchase intent.

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