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Female Connected Consumers in Canada

2 minute read | August 2016

In Canada, women account for 60% of primary shoppers, giving them significant influence over the household basket. With the never-ending rise in technologies to assist in purchase decisions, it’s increasingly imperative for retailers and manufacturers to keep an eye on the female shopper in order to win her dollars.

Looking to connect with women before they even hit the store? Then digital is key. Canadian women are 9% more likely to check web-based email compared to men (87% of women vs. 78% of men). And women are more social too (at least virtually): they are 15% more likely to visit social networking sites than men (79% versus 64% of males). This means a tightly crafted online strategy is a must.

With digital discounts available aplenty and apps making it easier to keep track of them, women’s heavy use of email and social media may also explain why they are more likely to participate in retailer and manufacturer marketing programs. Female shoppers are 22% more likely to receive coupons, 17% more likely to join retailer groups to receive promotions and 16% more likely to join a loyalty program than their male counterparts. Women are also more likely than men to read store flyers, look for coupons and compare store prices online, all in advance to visiting the grocery store aisles.

Even though female consumers are already engaging with a number of digital tools, understanding how they interact with these tools—with friends and family, as well as brands—is essential for retailers looking to run successful campaigns with higher on-target rates. In fact, women with social media accounts are 17% more likely than men to enter contests, 12% more likely to forward coupons and promotions to their friends and family and 9% more likely to connect with retailers. That said, building a relationship takes time and effort. But the payoff can be big: a highly engaged consumer with a broader appeal toward the brand, who will share her interest and create more engaged consumers.

Today’s technology allows consumers to connect with their favourite brands and retailers anytime, anywhere. Successful brands and retailers who take the time to build online relationships with their female consumers and aid them in their path to purchase will benefit from repeat visits and, ultimately, will see increased loyalty from their consumer base. Retailers can leverage this consumer group’s engagement with social platforms to drive brand awareness and consideration through interactive content, value-added offers or contests/promotions.

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