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Webinar: The Future of Marketing ROI—30 Minutes to Understand the Future of Marketing Analytics

1 minute read | June 2016


Big data keeps getting bigger as the number of devices we use on a daily basis continues to grow—and it’s confounding marketers looking for the most accurate measurement of their marketing return on investment. What are marketers’ best chance today to measure the full impact of their marketing effectiveness? To answer that question, Nielsen founded the Digital Media Consortium (DMC), now in its second iteration, to analyze granular, household-level data to see how various statistical approaches compare in getting the most accurate ROI.

Marketing analytics expert Josh Kowal shares in this 30-minute session the findings from the DMC II and Nielsen’s perspective on the present and future of marketing ROI analytics.

The webinar materials are available for download at the end of the video.


UPDATE: We answered your top five questions from “The Future of Marketing ROI” webinar. See the answers.

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