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The Database: Episode 5, Media Minutes, Digital Devices, and the Generation Driving Today’s Trends

1 minute read | January 2018

Can you imagine your life without your smartphone? What about the computer you use at work? Or your TV at night? All of these devices—and countless others—help Americans connect with content in more ways than ever before. And they’re using these devices more than ever. Even though there’s only 24 hours in a day, U.S. adults spend about 11 hours a day with our devices—that’s more time than was spent two years ago.

At the same time, media devices are increasingly digitally connected. In fact, 87% of American households now own at least one smartphone. And when it comes to digital devices, it’s impossible to ignore the generation driving many of the trends around these devices—Millennials.

In this episode of The Database, a podcast from Nielsen, we’re diving into media, specifically how much time we spend with devices, which devices are growing in popularity and how Millennials are driving trends across these devices. Our guests on this episode include Peter Katsingris, our SVP of Audience Insights, and Ronjan Sikdar, VP, Product Leadership, as well as three members of our Millennials on Millennials program, led by Janel Koval: Alex Berg, Casey Brown and Rob Leon.  

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