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Audio Today 2019

1 minute read | June 2019

Radio specializes in amplifying advertising campaigns because radio primarily reaches consumers during the day when they are on the go and close to the place of purchase. This is a powerful argument, especially when you consider the impact of a “captured” audience in a car where most of the radio listening outside the home takes place.

This means that radio continues to reach a large segment of Americans on the go, offering advertisers the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Welcome to the 2019 Audio Today Report – our snapshot of the listening landscape in the US market and the role that radio plays in it. The report sheds light on basic insights about the American radio consumer, which the major national brands have rediscovered in recent years, and also gives you new insights into the purchasing power of both the podcast audience and the owners of smart speakers.

This report applies to the US market.

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