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The Nielsen Audio Podcast: Your Brain on Audio

1 minute read | May 2019

Episodes 3 & 4

In a two-part series spanning episodes three and four, the Nielsen Audio Podcast sits down with Professor Rob Potter from Indian University to learn about using cognitive science to make better radio content.

Dr. Potter, who leads the Institute for Communication Research at IU, has spent decades studying how we react to sound and what that means for producers and marketers trying to capture the attention of listeners. Part one digs into how we’ve evolved to pay attention to audio, and why understanding some basic facts about how the brain works can help advertisers create more effective messages.

Part two explores how to make a commercial memorable once attention has been captured using novelty or other tricks Dr. Potter has learned about how we respond to sound. The impact of good creative shines through here when it comes to playing on emotions and activating memory networks in the brain.

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