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Cultural Connectivity Transformed

1 minute read | 6073436ff7 | August 2020

How Latinos are Connecting While Social Distancing

As COVID-19 took hold earlier this year, the subsequent social distancing measures, quarantines and shut downs threatened the ability for Latinos to engage in face-to-face connections. Hispanics rely on these trusted and hard-won networks as conduits of information, underscoring the interdependence of collectivism and social networks.

These networks serve more than just a social appetite; they serve as the conduit of trust, truth and cultural connection. During the pandemic, these networks and connections are a critical mechanism for Latinos to fill the void of in-person networking—by turning to trusted content channels like TV, radio and social media to inform and educate, communicate, share experiences and seek support.

The insights in this report will help you understand ways to continue building trust with the Hispanic community during these uncertain times and through the journey to recovery.

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