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ROI data can help buyers and sellers navigate media valuation in an expanding media landscape

2 minute read | August 2022

As the media landscape expands, media valuation becomes increasingly layered and nuanced. This can pose challenges for both owners and buyers. The growth of new platforms and channels continues to attract audiences and engagement. For owners, that requires an understanding of the value of their media in order to best position and sell it. Buyers, on the other hand, need to best understand where their money will be best spent and what the expected ROI on that spend will be. 

Historically, media sellers have two proven growth tactics: raise prices or prove the value of their media to attract more ad dollars. Ideally, sellers should aspire to grow through a combination of both. That’s not typically feasible, which means sellers should start by assessing how their media is faring with respect to other options—all other options.

For buyers, the key is having a holistic view of media buy options, as well as the ROI that each delivers. For example, television continues to dominate media plans globally, but buyers may not have insight into the ROI trends associated with those buys, which can vary from market to market. 

To better understand media valuation and strategy planning amid the broadening media landscape, we recently spoke with Jeremy Cartwright, customer success director in Northern Europe at Nielsen. In our discussion, Jeremy discusses the relationship between spending and ROI, the importance of a solid media pricing strategy and regional differences in media ROI.


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