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Why Nielsen Alumni Are So Important To Us

3 minute read | August 2016

Dan Klamm
Dan Klamm, Director, Alumni Relations

Nielsen is a place where employees can be themselves, make a difference and grow with us—even after they leave the company.

Through exceptional training, development and mentoring programs, we’re focused on shaping future business leaders at Nielsen. And while we’ve invested in people analytics to make Nielsen’s employee experience even stronger and taken a new approach to performance reviews, it’s only natural that people will leave—especially in today’s workplace, where a one-company career is a thing of the past. But once you join Nielsen, you’re part of the Nielsen community forever.   

Through the recently revitalized Nielsen Alumni Network, we’ve made strides to reconnect with former associates worldwide.

Our alumni dedicated years in service to our business, building great value for clients and shareholders. While they were here, they developed close friendships, met mentors, grew their knowledge base and acquired skills that turbo-charged their careers. Now, many of them are pioneers of industry, leading and driving success for a variety of organizations worldwide.  

We celebrate the achievements of our former associates, and we encourage them to stay in touch through the alumni network, which provides mutual value to its alumni members and to our company.

The network gives alumni exclusive access to people—a rich, global community of more than 2,000 former Nielsen associates and many current Nielsen associates—as well as knowledge, job leads, events and volunteer opportunities. Just recently, nearly 75 alumni and current Nielsen associates joined together for a special gathering at our U.S. Consumer 360 in Las Vegas.

Nielsen Alumni reconnect at Consumer 360
Nielsen Alumni reconnect at Consumer 360

Of equal importance, the network provides Nielsen with an engaged community of people who can serve as essential business connectors, brand ambassadors, sharers of knowledge and talent magnets.  

  • BUSINESS CONNECTORS: Since many alumni go on to work for clients or prospective clients, they can serve as internal champions for Nielsen. With knowledge of the latest Nielsen products and solutions, they can advocate within their own teams about the benefit that working with Nielsen will yield for their own businesses.
  • BRAND AMBASSADORS: When alumni are informed with accurate, timely perspectives about the state of the company and its exciting vision for the future, they can act as informal brand ambassadors within their own personal and professional circles.
  • SHARERS OF KNOWLEDGE: Our alumni possess diverse subject matter expertise and familiarity with many industries, so when they come to local events or speak on webinars, it’s an opportunity for our alumni and associates to gain insight and learn something new.
  • TALENT MAGNETS: Alumni know what it takes to thrive at Nielsen, so when we keep them apprised of job openings, they can refer great candidates our way. Sometimes they even come back themselves! These “boomerang employees” are a big win, since they often hit the ground running like they never left.

In six months since its relaunch in February, we’ve grown the Nielsen Alumni Network’s online user base by 400%, started publishing a monthly newsletter and hosted four major networking events in cities across the U.S. In the months ahead, we’ll invite alumni to an exclusive webinar series, as well as high-value networking events in the U.S. and internationally.

Former associates can register on the Nielsen Alumni Network to learn more about all of the opportunities to stay connected with Nielsen and former colleagues!