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Nielsen and Weibo Partner to Help Advertisers Better Understand Online Audiences

2 minute read | June 2017

On June 27th, we kicked off our new, ground-breaking partnership with Weibo on Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and Digital Brand Effect during a launch event in Shanghai. More than 400 guests from various industries, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), media and e-commerce, as well as journalists joined the celebration of the collaboration that promises to open new doors for digital audience measurement.

Weibo, one of China’s largest social media platforms averaging more than 340 million active users per month, joined Tencent as a key data provider for Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings in China. The combination of these two massive data sets, calibrated by our data science expertise, enables a new level of clarity and granularity in the measurement of online audiences.

By leveraging the tagged interests of Weibo’s massive user base, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is now able to deliver clients a picture of their audiences’ income level, whether they own a car, and if there are children in a household. These three factors have been shown to be the largest determinants of user consumption habits and will be the first areas where we’ll help clients understand their audiences by specific behavioral preferences.

“Signing up Weibo as a Digital Ad Ratings data provider will make our measurement more comprehensive and trustworthy,” said Vishal Bali, Managing Director of Nielsen China, who opened the event.

Wang Ya Juan, Vice President of Weibo, followed Vishal to present insights from Weibo’s social media perspective and expressed her eagerness towards the new partnership and how “social media develops the power of Big Data and measurement is the key to driving precision marketing.”

“The difference of mobile internet marketing is the accurate recognition for the user’s identity and interests and can help brands interact with users online deeply, so as to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and advertising ROI. Weibo’s partnership with Nielsen is in a wish to establish metrics that can help enterprises’ transition to mobile internet,” said Wang Yajuan, vice-president of Sina Weibo.

The event also announced the debut of Digital Brand Effect in China, allowing brands to calculate and understand the true influence of digital advertising on consumers by calculating a key metric—brand lift. With the solution, advertisers will not only be able to measure marketing effect from interaction but will also further understand the changes in consumers’ opinions post exposure—for example, whether they have paid attention to ads or whether they have increased willingness to spend.