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Nielsen Sports Launches New Fan Insights Platform for a Connected View of Fan Behaviors and Attitudes

3 minute read | October 2019

Flexible, online platform delivers the best-in-class view of global and country-by-country fan sentiment

Flexible, online platform delivers the best-in-class view of global and country-by-country fan sentiment

New York, NY, Oct. 3, 2019 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) is launching a global, connected online platform to provide sports properties, sponsor brands and event organizers with a comprehensive view of fans’ interests, media consumption behaviors, brand attitudes and purchasing habits from around the world.  At launch, Nielsen Fan Insights will cover the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, India and Japan. Brazil, Russia and South Korea will come online at the end of 2019 along with an additional 20+ countries in 2020.

The sports industry continues to face mounting competition for fans’ time and attention as the media landscape fragments and sports content is consumed across a wider variety of devices and platforms.  This competition and fragmentation, combined with diminishing consumer loyalty and an increasingly complex sports sponsorship and multimedia rights marketplace, forces sports property owners, brands and event organizers to require more in-depth data to help guide investment decisions and determine ROI. The need for one source of truth has never been greater.  

Nielsen Fan Insights will help drive better business decisions around sponsorship, fan engagement and media rights for both rights holders and brands. By leveraging the unique insights gathered from thousands of fans around the globe, sports properties, including sports leagues and teams, will be able to better understand how to grow and engage with their fan bases, expand into new markets, evaluate media rights, and secure partnerships with sponsors. 

The Nielsen Fan Insights’ web-based platform will also helpsponsoring brands discover how a particular sponsorship impacts their brandequity, favorability, awareness and purchasing habits among target consumers.It allows brands to identify and assess partnership opportunities based onmetrics directly tied to fan segments and benchmark brand perceptions andawareness against their competition.

“Nielsen Fan Insights captures and delivers fan data with thedepth, frequency and consistency demanded by leading brands, rights holders andevent owners,” said Mike Wragg, Head of Global Research, Nielsen Sports. “Wedeveloped the entire user experience on a flexible platform that allows ourclients to run highly customized queries in real-time to inform businessdecisions.”

Nielsen Sports Fan Insights integrates the highest quality datasets that the industry has trusted for years. When provided with a single point of access to exclusive datasets from Nielsen, sports properties, sponsor brands and event organizers are able to help answer the most pertinent business questions.  Nielsen Fan Insights include rich data from: 

  • Nielsen Homescan, a panel of households which continually provide information about all of their actual purchases across consumer segments
  • Nielsen Scarborough, a U.S. local market consumer survey that asks what people watch, attend or listen to and also where they shop, what they buy and what interests they have
  • Nielsen Winning Brands, a model that measures brand awareness, consideration and image before, during and after an exposure to consumers through a sponsorship activation
  • Nielsen Global Fan Survey, a new monthly global tracking survey of sports fans

With the datasets combined into a single, flexible platform,sports properties are able to filter and benchmark fan behavior against otherproperties and the general population by country, in addition to uncoveringemerging trends on a monthly basis and exploring the types of products,services and industries most connected to particular fan bases.

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