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“Always On” YouTube Measurement Enabled in Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

3 minute read | October 2022

Ubiquitous measurement of YouTube ad campaigns gives unprecedented view of ad performance and delivers comparability ahead of Nielsen ONE

New York – October 4, 2022 – Nielsen’s ”always on” Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) will now measure YouTube video ad campaigns. This release expands Nielsen’s coverage of YouTube and YouTube TV in DAR and will provide advertisers and agencies with the data needed to better understand reach, manage frequency and prove the efficacy of media buys across desktop, mobile and connected TV (CTV). Nielsen’s “always on” measurement is critical for advertisers and publishers because it expands visibility into a campaign’s performance, leveraging data to drive more efficient media plans and, ultimately, a higher return on investment. 

Delivering the right ad to the right audience has been a challenge for advertisers and publishers. In order to validate that ads are reaching the intended audience—and to make more informed decisions for future campaigns—advertisers and publishers need more comprehensive insights in an increasingly dynamic and fragmented media landscape. Continuous, “always on” measurement on YouTube simplifies campaign measurement by eliminating the need for advertisers and agencies to manually tag or enable campaigns. Marketers who enable “always on” DAR will have more impressions data to improve the ability to deliver ads to desired audiences, understand reach and manage frequency, and better understand the audience that sees the advertisement.

“By enabling continuous ‘always on’ measurement on YouTube, we’re helping advertisers to get a better understanding of one of the leading and largest ad supported platforms,” said Kim Gilberti, SVP, Product Management, Nielsen. “By achieving true cross-channel comparability, this marks an important milestone in Nielsen’s steady march toward delivering Nielsen ONE, which will provide a comparable, deduplicated view into the channels and platforms all audiences consume, across all screens.”

Nielsen will now enable U.S. advertisers and agencies to receive “always on” Digital Ad Ratings YouTube measurement across platforms to better analyze performance metrics across all ad campaigns. This launch continues Nielsen’s industry-leading work in the digital ad space with YouTube, following the YouTube CTV in Digital Ad Ratings launch in 2020, the YouTube TV CTV co-viewing launch in April 2022, and Nielsen Four-Screen Ad Deduplication launch in July 2022. These announcements are all significant steps in the path to Nielsen ONE, the forthcoming cross-media measurement platform launching in December 2022, designed to deliver comparable metrics across screens and various stages of the media lifecycle.

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